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Contemporary Dance Workshop

This workshop will begin with a warm up to wake up, activate and engage the whole body. This will lead into a series of creative tasks looking at weight sharing, movement trust exercises and choreographic techniques, expanding awareness of the body in space and exploring the body’s creative movement potential.


Jessie Keenan

Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer

Jessie Keenan is an Irish choreographer whose work intersects science, visual art and archives. Interdisciplinary connections are at the heart of her work. Keenan creates nuanced, intricate choreographies with a strong visual and architectural aesthetic.

Recent projects include: ‘Don’t anticipate the ending’ created with composer/ performer Robbie Blake and researcher Dr. Zosia Kuczyńska, including two films and a digital exhibition in partnership with the Museum of Literature Ireland, ‘So what is surfacing (a study)’ showcased online at Dancer from the Dance Festival of Irish Choreography 2021; and ‘Fragments’, Dublin Fringe Festival 2018 (nominated for Best Design), British Neuroscience Association Festival 2019, supported by an Arts Council Next Generation Award.

In 2020/21 Keenan created a number of short films: ‘So what is surfacing (trio)’ created as part of ‘Don’t anticipate the ending’, ‘Submerged’ (collaboration with Kim McCafferty, commissioned by Cavan Arts for Culture Night 2020, screened at Light Moves Festival 2021) and ‘Fragments’ (film) (commissioned by Cavan Arts, screened at Wanda Belfast 2021).


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